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Our Story

Houston 44 Bourbon
Est. 2023

Roy Oswalt, from Weir, Mississippi, grew up with an avid passion for baseball. After graduating from college, Roy was recruited to pitch for the Houston Astros. He began to play for the Houston Astros from 2001 to 2010.

In 2000, Roy joined the USA team in the Summer Olympic Games in Sydney, Australia. It was the first time in history that professional athletes were eligible to participate in a baseball tournament. They played against Cuba, and the game series was known as the Miracle on Grass. Cuba had triumphed in baseball for the last decade and was undefeated during the 92' and 96' Olympic series. Roy and the USA team won the gold medal, which ended Cuba's error of winning. 

After pitching for the Houston Astros for close to a decade, Roy grew to love the city and community. His experience with the Astros led to his idea of launching Houston 44 Bourbon. The Houston 44 Old Fashioned Bourbon is 75 proof and includes the city of Houston's skyline along with Minute Maid Park in the background of the artwork. 


Our plans for the future!

Houston 44 Old Fashioned Bourbon is the first launch of our specialty cocktails. We hope to create additional lines of bourbon and specialty drinks in the future. Make sure you subscribe and follow our social media accounts to stay up to date on everything bourbon.

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